About Us

It is time to save your back.
Use the world's FASTEST carpet stretcher.

The TriFORCE was developed by carpet professionals, for carpet professionals. Built from engineered, lightweight tubing to last a lifetime, the TriFORCE adapter totally changes the way carpet is installed. No fighting with stretcher poles or looking for something solid and straight to push off of. Neither is there any stretching from the tack strip with clunky tools and disengaging the tack strip from the floor, or having to put extra nails in it to prevent lifting.


Destroying your body with a knee kicker is no longer necessary either. Stretch carpet evenly and in half the time over the methods, you are currently using. Quicker installs and re-stretches means more money in your pocket without suffering all of the fatigue and pain at the end of the day. Additionally, installers have more room in their service truck since one tool now works in almost every situation and with almost every carpet type.

"Change the way you stretch carpet...change your life."

-Mario Garzanelli

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