We wanted to introduce ourselves, we are Tri-Force Carpet Stretchers.

     Did you know that carpet installers are 6 times more likely to become injured on the job than any others in the construction trade? Eight out of ten injuries occur on stairways. Almost all carpet installer's injuries are related to the use of knee kickers. Working as an installer, your chance of being injured are greater than 20 to 1. If you have experienced injury directly caused by a knee kicker, we would like to hear from you. We are gathering information to secure a grant to develop safer and more efficient carpet tools. Carpet tools have not changed in over 80 years even though it is a known fact that injury occurs by knee kickers to installers everyday.

   There are 3500 US Patents for carpet tools. Our patent is the first you will see on that list. We have been developing tools as a company since 2007. Our stretchers and adapters are the only ones manufactured in the USA.

   All of us at Tri Force, has extensive experience in carpet installation. Over 180 years of combined experience. The grant, in which we are in the process of, helps with the high cost of development of these safe and remarkable tools, which are changing how carpeting is being installed around the world.

   That is why your interest and/or response to our tools, helps us develop safer, easier, and faster carpet tools, that anyone can use. Without the fear of injuring themselves further.


   If you have, or someone you may know, has experienced injury by the use of knee kickers, please contact us at...






               (775) 246-3333


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Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.


Tri-Force Carpet Stretchers


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Written by Mario Garzanelli, Founder of Tri-Force

9 Michael Court Suite B

Carson City, NV, 89706

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