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"I hope more installers buy this thing."

"I have the kneeless kicker and its awesome a mini powerstretcher and its fast I did whole 3 bd house in 1hr and 20 mins fast fast!"

"I’ve been installing for over 20 years. This tool is one of the greatest things to happen in the industry. I have not used my pipes in quite a while. It took some practice but once you get used to it and don’t freak out about the little bubbles it puts directly behind the shoes when you stretch off of it you will fall in love. I knew installs you to stretch your way around the room, no need for a knee kicker to do a set wall. Henristretches most of the time you can get by with just stretching towards one wall away from the wrinkle. The only time I have found that I still need my pulse is when trying to pull a wrinkle through a doorway. 
I did make a modification when I first got the tri-force, I installed knee kicker Spike heads instead of the cotton head. 
This tool saves a ton of time and saves you’re back from lugging those polls. "

"I can pull inches with it getting the carpet tighter than a drum. It is a true stretcher. I barely use my pipes anymore, well honestly I barely install anymore. I was just going to use this for small repair work and small rooms but found it to be better than I thought at stretching. I’ve done stretches with it over 40’. Tight!
You should really try one for a bit."

"I used to run installation crews for my dad where we guarantee installation for life of carpets. That means no knee kicking in and no stinger tails and no bear claws. But I get behind this stretcher. It works! It stretches between the legs all the way across the room. ALL THE WAY! No BS about a 40’ stretch, honest truth. 
I kept the cotton heads for shorter carpet but rarely switch it out. I’ve not had any issues with pad bunching or pulling loops. 
Do your research or try one. My dad was hesitant too as a certified 40 year installation veteran, but he now stands behind this as well. This is all coming from flooring specialist, not hacks."

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